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Two (New) Purchase Options

I probably should have posted these sooner, but better late than never, right?

Discounted Ebooks from Bitlit

This offer started a while ago, but I kind of forgot to mention it.

Basically, if you already own a print copy of Boundary Problems and would also like to have an electronic copy—say for travelling, convenience, or whatever—you can now purchase a discounted copy of the ebook through BitLit. Right now, “discounted” means $0.99 for the ebook (though I don’t know if that price will change), so it’s a pretty good deal.

Just follow this link to BitLit’s website, check out and download the app, and follow the instructions. Handy, eh?

Want to Order a Signed Copy of Boundary Problems?

Lately, I’ve had a few people ask if they could order signed copies of the book directly from me. And the answer is absolutely YES. In addition to the regular purchase options (here) for unsigned copies, signed copies are entirely doable.

Which is to say, I would be happy—thrilled, even—to sell you a personally inscribed copy of Boundary Problems directly, with free shipping anywhere in Canada. Piece of cake! And if you happen to be outside of Canada, I would also be happy to send you a signed copy, but then I’ll have to ask for a bit extra, just enough to cover the shipping costs.

I haven’t yet set up a Visa/PayPal option for that—though I may do so in the future—but for now, feel free to contact me directly here (or by email, which goes to the same place), and we can work out the details, including your mailing address and any international shipping costs. So far, I’ve been taking cheques, but I imagine money orders would work just as well.