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Pure Speculation Festival (Nov 14-16) – Event Details

And finally, back for the hometown convention. This one’s always lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time at the con this year than I have in the past. I won’t be doing a reading this time out, but I am honoured to be joining a panel on “Alternative Sexualities and Relationships in Speculative Fiction” along with illustrious co-panellists Candas Jane Dorsey, David Gerrold, and Derek Newman-Stille. (That will be Saturday, Nov 15, from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Serenity Room. You know. Just in case you were wondering.)

As the program puts it,

“Panelists will discuss why/how/if it is that so much ‘weird’ sex gets portrayed and/or becomes safe/possible in speculative fiction contexts. How has it changed over time? (From Buffy to True Blood to Samuel Delany to Le Guin to Lost Girl, and more.)”

Oh, and it’s 18+, so there may be some “mature” subject matter.

For more information about this tremendous local festival, check out the Pure Spec website.