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Midnight Speakeasy (Readercon)

Who says organizing writers is like herding cats? Not me, that’s for sure.

Which is to say, there’s one day left til Readercon starts, and a few of us have pulled together an off-program, off-track, off-the-hook reading for this Friday. (See? Loads of time to spare!) A midnight speakeasy guerrilla reading hosted by Marco Palmieri at the Readercon hotel bar. Seven AMAZING writers (plus me) will wow and intoxicate you with illicit speakeasy goodness.

Trust me, these writers are amazing. You WANT to hear this.

We’ve even got a poster.

So there you go. This is my first Readercon, just packing now, and I’ll be catching my flight at 6 tomorrow morning, there by noon.

I am now officially beginning to get Very Excited.