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Bad Blogger (Metablog)

Clearly, I’m a recovering grad student. Putting things off for ages, getting things done in a great burst of effort when the procrastination becomes too much. I named this blog what I did in anticipation of precisely this tendency. But I’ve finally cleaned up the website a bit, and posted a whole pile of new material and information to the blog.

Anyway, rather than posting one ridiculously long blog-entry, I figured it would make more sense to put everything up separately, and then let you (dear reader) decide which of these posts you feel like checking out. So here’s the scoop:

Highlights/Lowlights – ReaderCon and Since

This one’s just what it sounds like. Me catching up on a few highlights/lowlights—more of the former than the latter—since ReaderCon. My three favourite highlights? The spontaneous chanting at the start of the Midnight Speakeasy, Sam J. Miller’s Shirley Jackson award win, and the new entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. Full blog post on these (and a bit more) here.

Upcoming Event: When Words Collide Festival (August 8-10, Calgary, AB)

Again, just what it sounds like. I’ll be on five panels at the When Words Collide festival in Calgary from August 8-10. Looking forward to it! Details and schedule here.

Upcoming Event: Book Signing (August 23, Edmonton, AB)

Yup, it’s a signing at the Chapters on Whyte. Details here.

More Upcoming Events
I’ve added the full list of upcoming events to the front page (here), and there are three more in addition to the ones listed above. I’ll be posting details of these on the blog as they get nailed down.
  • The Single Onion Reading Series (Sept 18, Calgary, AB)
  • Reading at University of New Brunswick (~Oct 24-27, Fredericton, NB)
  • World Fantasy Convention (November 6-9, Washington, D.C.)
Special Offers

Now you can order a discount ebook of Boundary Problems to supplement your print copy, and if you would like to order a signed copy, just let me know! Details here.

And there you go. All caught up! For now. More… eventually.