Reviews & Mentions

“The collection is addictive, forcing its readers to see worlds beneath the world.”
Andrew MacDonald, Event

“[A]n articulate debut from a well-developed (and hopefully prolific) new voice in Canadian fiction.”
David Burgess MacGregor, The Winnipeg Review

“Bechtel displays a refreshing willingness to experiment with aspects of narratology, lending his collection a surface unfamiliarity that resembles the literary equivalent of quantum mechanics.”
Steven W. Beattie, The National Post

“A vanishingly thin – and therefore easily crossed – line exists between dream and reality, magic and science, insanity and sanity in Greg Bechtel’s debut story collection…. The 10 stories crackle with intelligence and energetic dialogue.”
Carla Gillis, Quill & Quire

“The title of this collection nicely expresses an essential component in the tales: a transgressively Equipoisal approach to the fractal convolutions of twenty-first century Fantastika.”
John Clute, The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

“Bechtel’s collection explores that permeable place between speculative fiction and realist fiction, not shying away from either, but interweaving them – because reality IS speculative, and good speculative fiction should evoke questions and speculations about reality.”
Derek Newman-Stille, Speculating Canada

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Submissions & Consultations

Calling all Canadian SF Writers

Tesseracts 21, the twenty-first volume of Edge Publishing’s long-running anthology of Canadian SF, is now open to submissions! The theme is “optimistic speculative fiction,” and submissions will remain open until April 30. For more information, check out the official press release and full submission guidelines. My co-editor Rhonda Parrish and I look forward to reading your work!

Alberta Writers, Send Us Your Work!

As the Canadian Authors’ Association, Alberta Branch (CAA-AB) Writers in Residence for 2016-2017, Tim Bowling and I are available for free writing consultations with all Alberta writers. Whatever your level of expertise, whatever you’re working on, or whatever questions you may have, our job is to help you to accomplish your goals in writing. For more information, see the CAA-AB Writers’ in Residence page.

Upcoming Events

CAA-AB Writers’ Circle [FREE]
(Mar 24, 6:30-8 PM – St. John’s Institute, 11024 82 Ave, Edmonton)

An Evening with Omar Mouallem: Learning to Love Criticism [FREE]
(Mar 24, 8 PM – St. John’s Institute, 11024 82 Ave, Edmonton)
(facebook event and details)

CAA-AB Workshop
Narrative Journalism: The Secrets of Long-form Magazine Writing with Omar Mouallem
(Mar 24, 9:30AM-3:30PM – St. John’s Institute, 11024 82 Ave, Edmonton)
($15 for CAA members, $40 for non-members)
(facebook event and details)

International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
(March 22-26, 2017 – Orlando, Florida)

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