Addenda & Curiosities

Audio - The FeatherStone Podcast (Aug 2015)

Allen Featherstone and I met at the Pure Speculation Festival in Edmonton, and when he asked if I would be a guest on his new podcast, I had no idea what to expect but I was curious enough to find out. We ended up having a wonderful and rambling conversation at the Empress Alehouse in August 2015, which is now available here.

Audio - And The Blowjobs

Recorded at the Banff Writing Studio in 2007.

Performed with The Grisly Prince, Jazz at “The Club,” Set 3
Recording Date: Friday, June 1, 2007
Director: Dave Douglas
Performance recorded by: Peter Rosner (Germany) and Carlos Prieto (Columbia)

Michael Davidson, vibes (Canada)
Shaw Pong Liu, violin (U.S.)
Matt Plummer, trombone (U.S.)
Felicity Williams, voice (Canada) [not on this track]

with special guests:
Almut Schlichting, alto saxaphone (Germany)
Haim Peskoff, percussion (Israel)

A special thanks to Leigh Kotsilidis for her time and energy organizing this event.

Jonas & Cory (excerpts from early draft of "Boundary Problems")

Banff Writing Studio Participant Readings, May 2007.